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  4. About the Presentation

  5. What will take place before Robyn’s presentation?
  6. What will take place after Robyn’s presentation?
  7. What are your three most important objectives for Robyn’s presentation(s)?
  8. What would make Robyn’s presentation more meaningful to your group?
  9. Are there any sensitive issues or topics that should be avoided?
  10. What have you liked most about speakers you have had in the past?
  11. What have you least enjoyed about speakers you have had in the past?
  12. What will be the attire for your organization’s attendees at this event?
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  17. Others who may attend the event? (clients, spouses, contractors, vendors, etc.)
  18. What are the names and titles of your top leadership who will be attending the event?
  19. Is there any industry jargon or terminology Robyn should be familiar with or recognize?
  20. About Your Organization or Group

  21. Describe your organization’s culture.

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