Prenatal and Postpartum
Coaching and Workshops

Do you need strategies to navigate pregnancy or new motherhood? Does your relationship need babyproofing? Dr. DeLuca can help you manage this life transition before and after the baby arrives.

Blooming Mama - Prenatal Coaching

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby. This exciting phase of life can come with physical and emotional highs and lows. Some women have health concerns, or are anxious about the kind of mother they will be. Others feel unsure how to handle the social pressure to do everything right, or how to deal with the pre-conceived notions of colleagues at work. One on one prenatal coaching can help you manage these challenges by giving you the tools to maintain your balance, and proceed with a plan that is authentic to who you are.

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    Dr. DeLuca will partner with you to:
    • Make choices about pregnancy and motherhood that match up with your values and sensibilities.
    • Create a flexible childbirth plan based on your preferences and needs.
    • Set up support systems for when the baby comes home (emotional and practical).
    • Feel gratitude and appreciation for the miraculous state of pregnancy.
    • Explore the meaning of your new motherhood identity.
    • Mindfully discover the kind of parent you want to be, and create a plan to help you get there.

    Contact Dr. DeLuca today for a free 30 minute discovery session to see if coaching is right for you.

Thriving Mama - Postpartum Coaching

Becoming a new mother is one of the most miraculous and life-altering changes a woman can experience. A hundred years ago, women grew up with most of their female relatives nearby, witnessing pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period up close. Each generation supported each other and taught the next one. However, these days, we live a much more isolated life making new motherhood a mystery. Some women make the transition without skipping a beat, but for many, a new baby brings surprising feelings of insecurity, anxiety, anger, and overwhelm. You are not alone and you do not have to suffer. Postpartum coaching with Dr. DeLuca will help you regain your equilibrium, get clarity about the life you want, and develop solutions so you can navigate new motherhood with more confidence and peace of mind.

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    We will work together so you can:
    • Create an ideal motherhood path based on your values and needs, not social pressure.
    • Develop practical and doable steps to make your path a reality.
    • Communicate your needs and galvanize the support of friends and family.
    • Learn to set boundaries diplomatically and without guilt.
    • Manage the expectations of coworkers, if employed outside the home.
    • Come up with ways to practice self-care in a way that fits into your life.

    Contact Dr. DeLuca today for a free 30 minute discovery session to see if coaching is right for you.


Bringing Baby Home Workshop For Couples

You’ve got a baby on the way! You prepared the baby’s room but what about your relationship? Two-thirds of couples become less satisfied with their relationship after their first baby is born. How will yours weather insomnia, endless diapers, and the negotiation of a whole host of new responsibilities?

Psychologists know that relationship satisfaction not only predicts whether you will stay together, but it also has an impact on your baby’s development. When you and your partner are loving, respectful and feel appreciated, you provide the best possible environment for your baby’s mental and physical development. However, if your relationship is characterized by criticism and conflict, then your sponge-like baby will have a harder time establishing the emotional attachment so critical to their development. The transition to parenthood can be a challenge. Don’t just hope it will work out; make it happen.

The Bringing Baby Home (BBH) Workshop is the only research-based program that has proven success in teaching skills that help couples protect and improve their relationships when a new baby comes home. Based on over thirteen years of research with new parents, Psychologists John and Julie Gottman developed an amazingly effective two-day program.

The BBH Workshop
Will Teach You:

  • To prepare for your life with a baby and discover how to be the best parenting team possible.
  • Effective techniques to regularly engender and enhance feelings of love, acknowledgment, and appreciation for your partner.
  • Respectful ways manage stress and conflict.
  • How to create a caring and nurturing environment to foster your baby’s development during this new and challenging time.
  • To recognize and respond to signs of postpartum depression or anxiety.

BBH Brings Positive Outcomes for Parents and Babies

Studies show that compared to couples who don’t take the workshop, the majority of couples who complete BBH:

  • Have a decreased likelihood of divorce.
  • Develop better quality relationships, increase affection, and display less hostility.
  • Experience better mental health including fewer symptoms of postpartum anxiety or depression.
  • Show greater sensitivity and responsiveness to their infants’ signals (especially Dads).
  • Report that fathers become more involved and satisfied with their role as parents.
  • Are able to work together more positively during family play with their 3-month-old baby.
  • Have babies who express more smiling and laughter during family play at both 3 and 12 months old, and who are less likely to show language delays at 1 year old.

For more information about registering for a Bringing Baby Home Workshop, contact Robyn at