Why do Women and Employers Need Maternity Leave/Return Programs Now More than Ever?

The Back to Business Programs help women and managers navigate the transition to new parenthood in ways that have a long-term impact on individual and corporate well-being.

Key Benefits for Organizations

  • Increased retention rates of high-quality talent
  • Decrease in recruitment and retraining costs
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Employees return ready to hit the ground running
  • The guesswork is taken out of managing a maternity leave
  • Employee and employer expectations are on the same page
  • Your reputation as an organization that values the contribution of women is burnished

Key Benefits for Employees

  • Develop strategies for managing all stakeholders at work and at home throughout the transition
  • Gain practical tips on a variety of working parent issues like finding childcare, managing emotions, dealing with breastfeeding, and thoughtfully planning and executing the return to the office
  • Reduce stress with focused advance planning for the return to work and beyond
  • Engage with a community of working parents for camaraderie and mentoring
  • Feel fully supported by management in this major life and work transition
  • Keep your career goals on track with a prepared and confident return to work.

Does Pregnancy Threaten Women’s Advancement at Work?

Get a free excerpt of my book “The Hormone Myth” on the Many Stigmas of Showing at Work, which will give you the facts about:

  • The reality of how pregnancy impacts how colleagues and bosses perceive and interact with pregnant women in the workplace
  • Irrational worries that “she won’t come back” (75% do!)
  • How women’s competence comes in to question
  • The health consequences when women and bosses pretend no accommodations are necessary
  • How discrimination against pregnant women limits women’s childbearing timing and choices
  • And more…

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