Return from Maternity Leave with Less Stress and More Confidence

Back to Business Webinar Series:
Navigating the Logistics and Emotions of Your Return to Work

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Returning from work after maternity leave can be daunting. A stressful, unsupported return is one of the biggest reasons why some new mothers ultimately quit their jobs. The emotional and logistical support of the Back to Business Webinar Series will help you anticipate and plan for your return with confidence.


Back to Business

In this webinar series that you can watch on your own time table, Dr. DeLuca provides strategies for managing stress and emotions, arranging childcare, coping with a postpartum body, and how to set yourself up for a fully-prepared return that is less stressful and overwhelming. Webinars include activities and resources to give new parents options and solutions for addressing the myriad responsibilities of being a working parent.

Back to Business Webinar Series Highlights Video

Benefits of the Back to Business Webinar Series

Develop strategies for managing all stakeholders at work and at home throughout the transition

Gain practical tips on a variety of working parent issues like finding childcare, managing emotions, dealing with breastfeeding, and thoughtfully planning and executing your return to the office

Reduce stress with focused advance planning for the return to work and beyond

Engage with a community of working parents for camaraderie and mentoring

Increase your workplace engagement and effectiveness

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Back to Business Webinar Curriculum

Module 1: Managing Your Emotions

Happy, sad, conflicted, guilty, or all of the above? In this module, you will gain clarity about why you are returning to work so you can own your decision with confidence. You will also learn about the different kinds of postpartum depression and how to get help if you need it.

Module 2: Arranging Childcare

The biggest concern of new mothers returning to work is “who is going to take care of my baby?” Here you will establish the type of childcare that fits your philosophy and lifestyle, and gain strategies for choosing and evaluating the best of that kind. You’ll also develop a plan for handling those days when your child is sick, or your childcare is unavailable, and get some great tips for how make the transition to new childcare smooth for you and your baby.

Module 3: Keeping Your Relationship Strong

In this module, you will learn effective techniques to regularly engender and enhance feelings of love and appreciation. I’ll also share with you tips for respectful ways to manage conflict, and negotiate “who does what.” You will also come away with an understanding of the four behaviors most toxic to your relationship, and how to stay away from them. When your relationship thrives, you will have a strong base from which to meet the challenges of new parenthood.

Module 4: Appreciating and Accommodating Your Postpartum Body

Your body has done a miraculous thing in creating a whole new person, and will likely be in different shape than it was pre-baby. This module focuses on appreciating and accepting the state of your body, with some practical advice on wardrobe, and the topic most new working mothers have questions about: pumping breast milk at work. Get the inside scoop on how you can walk into work feeling comfortable and able to take care of your physical needs.

Module 5: Preparing for and Surviving Your First Week Back

You will return to work in a much more competent way if you get an idea of what has happened while you were gone beforehand. Here you will make a plan to schedule a meeting two weeks before your return with your boss to review new policies, clients, projects etc. You will learn effective strategies for introducing changes in your work schedule like needing to leave by 5:30, or decreased travel, or blocking time for pumping, this is the time to do it. You can also make time to talk to a few key players who will get you up to speed. And finally plan a trial run of getting out the door in the morning to work out the kinks.

Module 6: Managing Stress

Many working moms feel stressed and overwhelmed during the first few months back at the office, so you will lean the many proven ways to beat stress and improve your mood, and be able to choose techniques that work for your personality and lifestyle.

Module 7: Negotiating Work/Life Balance

Feeling successful at work and parenting takes a concerted effort to balance those dueling sets of responsibilities. In this module, you will focus on establishing where your energies are needed most, and take steps that will keep you feeling in control. You will learn when to adjust your own expectations and those of others, and how to galvanize the support of your stakeholders. And best of all, you’ll see the advantage in giving up the superwoman fantasy and creating your own real life model of working motherhood.

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Dr. DeLuca brings all her expertise as a postpartum researcher and a mom of two daughters to these webinars.

For only $249, you’ll get the benefits of the latest research on how to successfully manage your return to work, along with the common sense of a mother who’s been there. Each webinar is chock full of immediately usable insight, tips, and resources.

Bonuses: All participants become permanent members of the Back to Business Community Group where they can find camaraderie and mentoring. Robyn also conducts a weekly live Q and A session to respond to pressing issues of the moment.

When your payment is received, you’ll get an email giving you instant access to the Back to Business Webinar Series, and you’ll be on your way to a less stressful, more manageable return to work.

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