Make Your Maternity Leave a Leadership Opportunity:

Bring Order to the Chaos with a Maternity Leave Plan

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Expecting parents often worry that a maternity leave will bring confusion, disorganization, and lost opportunity. They fear their projects will get lost and their career trajectory will get stalled. But you can strategize a leave that anticipates your needs as well as those of your organization with the Make Your Maternity Leave a Leadership Opportunity Webinar Series.


Make Your Maternity Leave a Leadership Opportunity

In this series of four videos totaling thirty minutes you can watch when and where works for you, Dr. DeLuca will show you how to collaborate with management to create a dynamic plan that covers the periods before, during, and after your maternity leave. The series includes a complete template you can adapt for writing your plan. Also, you’ll learn specific techniques for a successfully proposing a to return to work with a flexible schedule, if you desire.

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1. Illustrate your vision, accountability, and leadership by proactively planning for the maintenance of organizational goals while you’re on leave

2. Reduce stress with focused advance planning of your maternity leave


3. Get the opportunity to shine by documenting your achievements prior to leave and describing your critical responsibilities that need to be covered

4. Bring order and clear expectations to your manager and colleagues during your leave

5. Create a re-entry plan that helps ease the return-to-work transition and makes sure you hit the ground running

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Make Your Maternity Leave a Leadership Opportunity Webinar Series Curriculum

Module 1: What a Maternity Leave Plan Does For You

Expecting parents preparing for leave often worry about leaving their team in a lurch and how their leave will impact their career trajectory. In this video, you will see how preparing a maternity leave plan will address those fears and put you in a position of strength upon your return. You’ll learn how to lay the groundwork for a plan that addresses your needs and those of your department.

Module 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Writing the Plan

Here you’ll get practical strategies for creating a comprehensive plan that will take the uncertainty and chaos out of your leave. You’ll get a template to follow that clearly identifies the issues you need to address in the periods before, during, and after your leave. Plus, you’ll learn the essential steps to follow one month before your leave starts, so all the important players are in the loop.

Module 3: Writing a Request for a Flexible Return Schedule

Many new parents say they could handle the return from parental leave better if they could initially come back with a flexible schedule. In this video, you’ll learn exactly how to approach your manager about this to maximize your chances for approval. Also included are tips for making your re-entry as smooth as possible with your boss and colleagues.

Module 4: Bonus! Three Strategies for a Confident Return

As a bonus, you get three major hacks from the Back to Business Webinar Series for Returning Moms. You’ll learn how to make leaving for work in the morning smoother, how to arrange emergency childcare when your baby gets sick, and why you can let go of the guilt about being a working mother.

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About Robyn Stein DeLuca, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Postpartum Consultant

Robyn Stein DeLuca helps women and managers navigate parental leaves with confidence. When working parents receive the support they need, starting a family can have a positive impact on their careers and on business.

After fifteen years on the faculty at Stony Brook University, Dr. DeLuca decided to apply her expertise on pregnancy and the postpartum period to teach women how to prevent the anxiety, depression, and career disruption that can come after childbirth. With the Back to Business programs, she gives women the tools to manage the many responsibilities of working motherhood.

Dr. DeLuca’s commentary on gender issues, work/life balance, and parenting has appeared in national and international news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Fox5News, The Times (of London), the Huffington Post, the International Business Times, and the Voice of America. In 2017, New Harbinger published her book The Hormone Myth, which uses scientific data to dispel the myth that women’s reproductive hormones make them incompetent and irrational.

In this thirty-minute webinar series, Dr. DeLuca brings you her psychological expertise in how to collaborate with management along with her experience of taking two maternity leaves when her daughters were born. For an amazing price of only $39, you’ll reap the benefits of practical guidelines to prepare a comprehensive maternity leave plan.

Bonus: You will get three blockbuster bonus strategies from Dr. DeLuca’s popular Back to Business Webinar Series for Returning Moms, to make your return to work more manageable and less stressful.When your payment is received, you’ll get an email giving you instant access to the Make Your Maternity a Leadership Opportunity Webinar Series, and you’ll be on your way to planning that maternity leave like a boss.

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