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For Mothers: Strategizing Your Maternity Leave and Return

Make Maternity Leave a Leadership Opportunity: Bring order to the chaos with a maternity leave plan

(Lunch and learn, 60, and 90 minute formats)
And Now In a Video Series!

Managers and expecting mothers often worry that a maternity leave will bring confusion, disorganization and lost opportunity. In this seminar participants will learn to strategize an exit that anticipates their needs and those of their employer. Expecting parents will learn to create a master plan with management that includes the dates of their leave and return, reviews the status of current projects, documents their daily responsibilities that will need to be covered, makes recommendations for best staff to do so, and establishes communication preferences while on leave. A thoughtfully prepared maternity leave plan will highlight an employee’s contributions, vision, and accountability, and will bring order and clear expectations to this transition. *This workshop can also include employee education on company resources for new parents. Click here for more info and a highlight video.

Back to Business Webinar Series: Navigating the Logistics and Emotions of Your Return to Work

(Seven twenty-minute webinars)

Returning from work after maternity leave can be daunting. A stressful, unsupported return is one of the biggest reasons why some new mothers ultimately quit their jobs. The emotional and logistical support of the Back to Business Webinar Series helps women anticipate and plan for their return with confidence.

In this webinar series that mothers can watch on their own time table, Dr. DeLuca provides strategies for managing stress and emotions, arranging childcare, coping with a postpartum body, and how to set themselves up for a fully-prepared return that is less stressful and overwhelming. When women feel valued and assisted in finding the right balance between work and family, their performance is maximized. Webinars include activities and resources to give new parents options and solutions for addressing the myriad responsibilities of being a working parent. Click here for more info and a highlight video.

Private Postpartum Coaching

(Six weeks of one-on-one coaching)

In a six-week engagement starting 3 weeks before returning to work and ending 3 weeks after, women can work personally with Dr. DeLuca in weekly forty-five minute sessions. Through effective coaching techniques, she helps new parents overcome working mother’s guilt, balance their dual identities as mom and worker, and maximize their effectiveness and performance once they get back to work. Coaching is a method that produces solutions that work because it is client-driven, where the coach facilitates insight that spurs problem-solving. An employee given this level of support will clearly understand and value her company’s commitment to her well-being.

For Managers and Supervisors: Managing Maternity Leaves and Returns

Best Practices for Managing Your Pregnant and Returning Employees

(Lunch and learn, 60, and 90 minute formats)

KPMG estimates that on a global basis, 47 billion dollars is spent annually on recruiting and training employees hired to replace women who quit after maternity leave. Managers can play a pivotal role in keeping high-quality talent by creating a culture that helps employees combine a great career with being a parent. Learn how to handle the changes that occur during and after a maternity leave to make your organization an employer of choice. Attendees will learn:

  • How the treatment of pregnant/returning employees impacts your business
  • The ways in which managers have missed the mark
  • The latest research on the biological and psychological aspects of pregnancy and the postpartum period (Is baby brain really a thing?)
  • Strategies for improving the treatment of pregnant/returning employees so you can avoid litigation, create smoother transitions, and employees will want to stay
  • Effective methods to maintain team morale during an employee leave, provide opportunities for leadership, and manage potential non-parent employee resentment

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