Robyn Stein DeLuca, Ph.D.Psychologist and Postpartum Consultant

Robyn Stein DeLuca helps women and managers navigate parental leaves with confidence. When working parents receive the support they need, starting a family can have a positive impact on their careers and on business.

After fifteen years on the faculty at Stony Brook University, she decided to apply her expertise on pregnancy and the postpartum period to teach women how to prevent the anxiety, depression, and career disruption that can come after childbirth. Her Back to Business Programs facilitate the smooth and productive return of valuable employees so that women are satisfied and retention stays high.

Robyn is the Right Consultant to Help Your Employees Successfully Return from Maternity Leave Because:

1. You want a consultant who will show you REAL return on investment (based on savings in lower recruiting and turnover costs)… NOT A motivational talk that doesn’t show measurable results.

Making it easier for employees to return from parental leave smoothly and confidently will make them more likely to remain in their jobs... which means you’ll lose fewer great employees. When you don’t have to replace valuable talent you will save substantially in recruitment and retraining costs.

2. You want REAL, evidence based solutions… NOT unproven theories.

The strategies that Dr. DeLuca brings to your staff are solidly based on the latest research. As a long-time psychologist and researcher, she has the skills and expertise to sort through the latest fads and deliver only the proven solutions. In her 2017 book, “The Hormone Myth,” she shows how the best research shows conditions like postpartum depression are much more a product of situational support rather than a biological cause… and she uses that knowledge to help you keep your company working smoothly.

3. You need someone who is passionate about the success of women… NOT an uninspired speaker who doesn’t really care.

Now more than ever, you need someone who is committed to supporting women in their return to work and creating a family-friendly culture in the workplace. Robyn’s history reflects her life-long commitment to the success of women: Fifteen years on the faculty of the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept. at Stony Brook University, Executive Director of the Women in Science and Engineering Program at SBU, and a business mentor for recent female college graduates through the Moxxie Foundation.

4. You need someone who has real knowledge of the issues facing working mothers… NOT someone who guesses based on books they’ve read.

The combination of Robyn’s expertise and the fact that she is a mother of two brings you the best of both worlds: Evidence-based solutions and a real life understanding of the key challenges women face during this transition. Her commentary on women’s health, motherhood, postpartum depression, and work/life balance has appeared in media outlets like Yahoo Finance, Fox5 NY News, Popsugar, the Huffington Post, The Times of London, and MSN.

5. You want someone who can give you an in-depth psychological perspective on thoughts and behaviors of your employees… NOT someone who doesn’t look beneath the surface.

As a psychologist and postpartum expert, Dr. DeLuca brings her knowledge of how emotions, attitudes, and expectations impact women’s ability to return to work confidently. Your employees will get support that reflects a deep understanding of how to shift thinking for the better, integrate a new identity as a working mother, and actively plan for combining home and work responsibilities. Also trained as a coach, Dr. DeLuca can provide your working moms with one-on-one coaching to facilitate the success of their return as productive employees.

6. You need someone who will create long-term resources for your employees.. NOT a one-and-done performance that leaves your people stranded.

Your employees who are enrolled in the Back to Business Webinar Series will automatically become members of a private online group of new working moms just like them. Robyn hosts a weekly Q and A session and members become resources and mentors for each other by sharing tangible recommendations and emotional support.

7. You want a speaker who will adapt to your audience… NOT a cookie cutter presentation.

You want your staff engaged on issues that are important to your organization, and to get that, you need a customized presentation that meets your people where they are. Robyn will tailor her seminars to reflect your company’s values, policies, and language. You can be sure that before any presentation, she will carefully work with you to determine your goals and will adapt accordingly.

Along with her ½ day workshops and webinar series, Robyn gives dynamic and engaging one hour talks on subjects ranging from work/life balance, managing stress, and leveraging a maternity leave as a leadership opportunity. You can see her speaker sizzle real here

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