Back to Business Maternity Leave Support Programs

Creating smooth transitions to working parenthood for women and their organizations.

The transition to new parenthood doesn’t have to be a chaotic crisis that overwhelms women and destabilizes organizational goals. Turn maternity leave into an opportunity for growth and leadership for women and their managers with the Back to Business Programs.

A maternity leave can be a stressful time: for a woman and the organization she works at. She may come back overwhelmed with the dual responsibilities of a working mother, and meanwhile her duties have to be covered with minimal disruption. The Back to Business Programs help women on leave return at full speed with confidence, and will increase organization retention rates, and decrease recruiting and training costs.

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Why Do Women and Employers need Maternity Leave/Return Programs Now More than Ever?

Strong Comebacks

Integrating your new role as a mother with your work responsibilities can be overwhelming. It can be stressful and make your daily life feel out of control. Learning effective strategies to manage this period will put you back in the driver’s seat so you can return to work prepared and confident.

Increase Retention Rates

When Ernst and Young provided employees with coaching and workshops on maternity leave and return, AND managers received training in managing returning employees, retention rates of women returning from maternity leave increased by 14% in one year.


The #MeToo movement has highlighted the discrimination women can suffer in the workplace. Creating policies and an environment that supports women returning from maternity leave boldly illustrates that a company values and respects the contributions of women. Don’t you want to be known as an employer of choice?

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Does Pregnancy Threaten Women’s Advancement at Work?

Get a free excerpt of my book “The Hormone Myth” on the Many Stigmas of Showing at Work, which will give you the facts about:

  • The reality of how pregnancy impacts how colleagues and bosses perceive and interact with pregnant women in the workplace
  • Irrational worries that “she won’t come back” (75% do!)
  • How women’s competence comes in to question
  • The health consequences when women and bosses pretend no accommodations are necessary
  • How discrimination against pregnant women limits women’s childbearing timing and choices
  • And more…

    • Robyn came to speak to our Women’s Group where Work-Life balance is a big topic of discussion amongst our members. Her talk provided our members with actionable advice, and provided valuable time for the women to reflect on and discuss their priorities.  One member said that she had three “light bulb” moments during Robyn’s talk: “… that work-life balance can look different today, in six months, and in 5 years; the three questions gave me a really important framework to think about work-life balance and have productive conversations with my husband; and, that the data on children seeing moms who work was reassuring.
      Aya Takamoto, The College Board
    • “How you managed to cover so much territory—with such mastery and aplomb—was simply amazing. You managed to weave into a single beautiful fabric multiple threads of history, original sources and contemporary thinking. Your personal enthusiasm for your subject areas was contagious.”
      Susan Glatzer, Smithtown Chapter of the League of Women Voters
    • “Robyn DeLuca presented to our women’s group of senior-level professionals on Negotiating Work/Life Balance With All Your Stakeholders. Robyn’s easy-going engagement and vast knowledge of the subject matter made her an excellent presenter as well as an inspiration. Bravo Robyn. ”
      Beth Meixner, CEO and Founder of Moxxie Mentoring Network and Foundation
    • “Dr. DeLuca is engaging and intelligent. She has the unique ability of presenting complex materials in a way that make them accessible to everyone. Her presentation to our group (the Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association) was well received and educational. ”
      Perri C. Fitterman, Esq., SCWBA